– Fishing adventure on a hotel ship –

Amazon fishing on the Rio Negro has two extraordinary highlights in store for you:

  1. Fishing holiday on a floating hotel: With our river boat we drive deep into the Amazon jungle and fish our way through about 200-300 kilometres of untouched nature within one week. This allows us to discover and fish virgin river stretches far away from any civilisation and fishing pressure.
  2. Adrenaline-filled & colourful fishing: Peacocks are aggressive predators and very territorial. Everything that moves within their radius is brutally attacked. And it is precisely these magnificent specimens that we will be fishing for – up to 50 per day are possible! Experience spectacular attacks and exciting fights by colourful dream fish.

Our top 5 reasons for your fishing trip to Brazil

  • 27-metre floating hotel ship in a class of its own with air-conditioning and first-class service
  • fishing far away from civilisation in untouched nature
  • only 2 anglers & guide per boat
  • unlimited fishing opportunities
  • aggressive & colourful fish


Brazil is the world’s best destination for fishing peacock bass – or “tucunares” as they are known locally. The mighty Rio Negro and its tributaries contain both the greatest concentration and the largest specimens of these cichlids.

Peacocks are among the most exciting game fish in the world. They are aggressive and territorial ambush hunters and are known for their explosive strikes. Look forward to action-packed fishing that is awe-inspiring, loud, aggressive and fast all at the same time. Fishing with surface baits – so-called poppers and prop-baits with propellers – is particularly exciting.

You will hardly fish a place a second time.

With our agile fishing boats and experienced guides, we push deep into the side arms of the Rio Negro, where aggressive freshwater predators greedily wait for our offered artificial baits. All in all, about 200 to 300 kilometres of untouched river stretch open up to us, with typically brown (almost black) but clear water. Thanks to the low pH value of the water of only 5.0, there are no annoying mosquitoes here.

Main fish species in the Rio Negro/Amazon: Peacock bass, but also silver forkbeard, tilapia, arapaima, piranha and various catfish species.

Typical itinerary of your fishing trip to Brazil:

Day 1:        Flight to Manaus in Brazil
Day 2:        Arrival in Manaus, transfer to hotel for one night
Day 3:        Early morning charter flight (1 h) to Barcelos, transfer to Kalua hotel boat & immediate departure, afternoon fishing
Days 4-8:   Five full days of fishing
Day 9:        Fishing until 15:30, then return to hotel in Barcelos
Day 10:      After breakfast transfer to airport for charter flight to Manaus, then transfer to international airport or hotel (depending on return flight time)
Day 11:      Transfer to Manaus airport, flight back home
Day 12:      Arrival in Europe and end of this incredible fishing trip


Enjoy your fishing holiday on our “floating hotel” Kalua II (27 metres long, 3 decks). This top-class river boat has all the comforts you could wish for on your fishing trip, e.g. air-conditioned cabins for two anglers each, dining and lounge area, TV and DVD, first-class service and all-inclusive catering.

We enjoy breakfast and dinner on the Kalua. We always have lunch snacks and drinks on the boats during our fishing trips.

While you make the catch of a lifetime during the day, the mother ship sails on and picks us up again after a successful fishing trip. This means that you fish a new section of the river every day. After you go back on board, you end the day comfortably with a cold drink.

With our mothership you have access to over 300 km of the Rio Negro as well as endless tributaries and lagoons with almost unlimited fishing opportunities.

By the way: As soon as we leave Barcelos, we no longer have a mobile phone network. However, if you don’t feel like a mobile phone detox, you can rent a satellite phone on our hotel ship.


  • The Rio Negro is the second largest tributary in the world. It flows into the Amazon, the widest, most water-rich and second-longest river on earth.
  • The “black river” owes its colour to the high content of humic & fulvic acids.
  • The Amazon rainforests are home to more than 40,000 plant species, 427 mammal species, 1294 bird species & more than 3,000 fish species.
  • The Brazilian “Real” is the official currency. Most of the time you can also pay with US dollars.


For our fishing trips we leave our hotel ship and explore the Rio Negro in sleek boats. Each boat takes two anglers and an experienced guide out onto the black water. The 6-metre-long aluminium Jon boats are powered by a 25 hp outboard motor and an additional trolling motor.

Cold drinks, food, fruits and snacks are stored in a cooler on our boats, so we want for nothing during the day.

The right fishing tackle in Brazil

  • Spinning rod up to 40 g, 2500-4000 reel size (high speed) with 0.20-0.25 mm braided line (heavy perch gear – for jigs & twitchbaits).
  • Jerkbait rod up to 60-80 g, 100-200 reel size (baitcast reel, high gear ratio) with 0.28-0.32 mm braided line (light pike gear – for propeller fishing).

Recommended baits:

  • Curisco 80 & 90 mm
  • Borboleta Perversa 4″
  • Biruta 90 & 110 mm
  • Rebel Jumping Minnow 4,5″
  • Bucktail Jigs
  • High Roller Rip Roller 5,5″
  • Small crankbaits 100-140 mm (flat running).
  • Classic spinners

Basically the white, yellow and red colours work well in the dark water of the Rio Negro. You can buy many of these lures locally in Manaus.

The best time to fish in Brazil

The climate in the Amazon rainforest is tropical, with temperatures of 28-35 degrees during the dry season (September-March). Small rain showers are common and possible throughout the year.

One of the best times for a relaxing fishing trip to the Amazon is January. It marks the end of the dry season and offers a great advantage: no mosquitoes, hardly any flies or other unpleasant insects. In some tributaries of the Rio Negro there are mosquitoes, but they do not bite. It’s also the perfect time to exchange our winter weather for something much more pleasant and exciting.

By the way: If you want, you can go swimming every day in the 26-degree warm water, because the Amazon jungle is generally quite friendly.


PRICE: EUR 3900 (plus flights)


  • Domestic flights from Manaus to Barcelos and back,
  • 6,5 fishing days in guiding (2 anglers on boat + guide),
  • 6 nights on river boat (2 persons/cabin),
  • all meals, snacks & drinks (even beer & spirits) on Kalua II are included.
  • Drinks & meals during the fishing days,
  • a BBQ party on a cosy sandy beach of the Rio Negro.

And also:

  • German or English speaking tour guide,
  • daily laundry service (arrival with little clothes possible).


  • international flights to Manaus (price varies depending on departure airport),
  • hotel accommodation in Manaus,
  • tips for the boat crew (approx. USD 150/angler),
  • Rental gear.


Brazil is an impressive country with great people and magnificent nature. Your adventure already begins when you fly with the small propeller plane from the vibrant city of Manaus to Barcelos. There, the Rio Negro is waiting to be conquered. Besides the breathtaking fishing, a week in the Amazon is also a fantastic nature experience! And all of this from a top class floating hotel – what more could you ask for your fishing holiday?

We look forward to sharing a fishing trip to Brazil with you!

Your team from Getaway Sea Angling