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Spain is known to offer great fishing throughout the whole country and there are many reasons why we have decided to take it into our travel program. Barcelona is reachable by flight in about 2,5 hours from Germany or Scandinavia. Add an other 90 to 120 minutes by rental car on top and you are at Riumar where you can start fishing right away. We know our partner Peter Malik since 2007 and since our first visit in 2013 we kept a closer look on the Ebrodelta.

The Tuna fishing is getting better year after year and we don’t know any guy beeing as crazy and fishy as Peter. He will put you on the fish no matter what. His boat might be not the most beautiful one but it is definately the fastest one at the delta. With around 350 hp and a topspeed of more than 100 km/h you will be the first one to cast into a feeding frenzy popping up at the horizon. There was no other choice than to name this fishing machine DELTA FORCE 1. We are working on getting this workhorse better for the upcoming season and we bet you will be surprised about the final result.

Main target at the Mediterranean Sea are the numerous Bluefin Tuna between 30 and 50 kilogram on spinning tackle and if you like you can go chumming for the big ones too. Fish up to 500 kilogram are caught every year. According to the time of the year you can also fish for Bluefish, Palometa and Seabass on light tackle if your arms are sore from fighting Tuna.

The Ebrodelta combines a mild climate all year round with endless fishing options and that’s exactly what we love. It’s time to get ready for your next fishing adventure waiting for you just around the corner.

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SEASON: March to September.

FLY TO: Barcelona, Spain.

Day 1: Flight to Barcelona, Spain. Transfer to Riumar by rental car.
Day 2-5: Four full days of fishing.
Day 6: Transfer to Barcelona and flight back home.

Our standard setup for group trips are four days of fishing but you can customize your trip according to your needs. We also offer day charter trips in case you just want to get a day off from the family tangeling with some serious fish. Just get in contact with us.

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    The peak season for Bluefin Tuna on spinning gear runs from mid-March to end of May and July to September. If the feeding frenzies suddenly disappear you can always go chumming for the really big ones.

    Beside the Bluefins there are many more options at the Ebrodelta. Just bring your light tackle and give it a try for the numerous Bluefish all year round and Sea Bass during wintertime. There are also big Leerfish around but they are not easy to fool. Fishing for them can be very frustrating but we have seen some real big monsters hunting.

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    The DELTA FORCE 1 is a customized boat perfect for casting and offers enough space for up to 4 anglers.
    Peter has cleaned the boat from all unnecessary things because things can get very hectic during a feeding frenzy and t-tops are well known for killings rods very fast. Equipped with a 350 hp engine this workhorse will speed up to more than 100 km/h beeing the fastest boat at the Ebrodelta. A good advice is to bring spare caps as you might loose one or two during the wild chase.

    Our standard package includes all nights at a pension. Accommodation will be in double rooms including breakfast. You can order a lunch package for your day on the water. The cooler in the boat will be filled with ice and cold drinks for the day. For dinner you have several options nearby. We are currently working on a nice house with pool which might be ready for the upcoming 2022 season.

    In fact, Spain is the perfect option for a quick getaway with a few fishing friends or the whole family.

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    The climate is mild all year round. During the main season from mid-March to end of September you have average temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees. In July and August it can get very hot and temperatures up to 30 degrees are quite common. The casting season for Bluefin usually starts in the middle of march. The first peak season goes until the end of may when the feeding frenzies suddenly disappear and the fish start migrating to their spawning grounds. In July they are back and feeding heavily on small sardines with a lot of action at the surface until end of September. When the temperatures start to drop and the water is getting a little cooler the Bluefish, Sea Bass and Leerfish are starting to get more active. Chumming for Tuna works all year round.

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    If you would like to use your own gear these are our recommendations for Spain:

    Tuna casting
    Semi stiff popping rods rated PE6 to PE8. We favour slightly longer rods (between 8 and 8,5”) that casts really well.
    Shimano Stella 14000 or similar.
    PE6 and PE8 lines or braided line rated from 60 lbs to 80 lbs.
    Poppers and stickbaits from 40 to 100 grams.

    Light Tackle
    If you don’t bring a PE2 setup you are going to miss so much fun. Just take your regular pike fishing setup and you are good to go.
    Shimano Stella 5000 or similar with 20-30 lbs braid.
    Small poppers and stickbaits around 9 to 12 cm in length.

    We provide the big guns for chumming with Sardines and we also offer rental tackle for Tuna casting in case you don’t want to bring your own stuff.

    Flakelures Lure selection

    We will send a list with our current tackle recommendations before you go.


    Travelling to Spain/Riumar is as easy as it can get. You fly into Barcelona with a short flight from anywhere within Europe. After reclaiming your baggage it is just a short walk to the rental car station where you pick up your car. The roads are great and after a 160 kilometer/2 hours drive to Riumar you are there. There will be enough time to prepare some tackle, relaxing from travelling and eating some good food. After a restful night you can start your day with a rich breakfast before you are ready to tangle with some angry fish.


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